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Rare and Certified Coins Gold and Silver Bullion - Buying Unwanted Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Watches, Rolex Watches, Coin Collections of any size. Appraisals are available. Contact us today!


A quality selection of rare coins. Buy - Sell - Trade.


We are a large dealer of quality old and rare postage stamps.


We have a large selection of antiques, if it's something your looking for contact us today.


Wade Coins established in 2013 Buying and selling rare coins and bullion. Always Buying Gold and Silver Coins by appointment only.

Antique Coins

Our selection of old and rare coins cannot be beat!.

Coin Collections

We have a large assortment of complete, coin collections.

Foreign Coins

We have old and rare coins from around the world..


Wade Coins is an NGC authorized coin dealer PMG authorized currency dealer Member of the ANA and FUN. Member of CCE Certified Coin Exchange. Full time Numismatist.

  • specialty coins

    Speciality coins and currency that has not been circulated. CAC Coins, Early Type Coins, Carson City Gold and Silver, Charlotte Gold, Dahlonega Gold, Bust and Capped Bust, Mercury Dimes, Seated Dimes, Three Cent Silver, Lincoln Wheat Cents, Etc.

  • Coin Collections

    Rare and antique coin collections. Always Buying small and large coin collections. Simply contact us for a hassle free sellers kit. We buy everything from wheat cents to gold eagles and bars. Contact Wade Coins today you wont be disappointed.

  • Foreign coins

    Foreign currency from around the world. Have you ever traveled to a foreign country? Did you bring back coins and currency? Wade Coins will buy it all why let it collect dust when you can put cash in you're pocket. Give us a call. Looking to buy world coins and currency Wade Coins has a vast selection. Check out our eBay Store

  • Old Coins

    Old and hard to come by currency. Proud member of NGC, CCE, FUN and ANA.

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Gabriel W. Green

President / CEO

Gabriel W. Green

President / CEO

Gabriel W. Green

President / CEO

At Wade and Wade, rare and antique coins aren't just my business it's my passion. I believe in treating people fairly and offering quality products at a fair price.

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